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  • Your Logo (top left)
  • Business Name or Tag Line (top right)
  • Phone Number (top right)
Image Area:

Set of 5 slideshow images from either what is displayed here or from our online library in Dropbox.

Pages: 3
  • 'Homepage'
  • 'About Us' page
  • Primary Services/Products Page - with links to sub pages if required (as below)
  • Sub- Primary Services/Products Pages, up to 3 (although if you need an extra one we don't mind or you can create them with your own CMS (Content Managed System)
  • Testimonials Page - set up as a category for easy uploading of new date coded testimonial/client raves
  • 'Contact Us' page with a built in SPAM Free Contact Form
Message Section 1:

Your Catch Cry, Claim To Fame, Business Name or Simply What You Do!

3 'Widget' Areas (under the slideshow) Options:
  • 3 Primary Services/Products Graphical Buttons - direct peeps where you want them to go
  • Social Media Icons (links to your various social platforms)
  • Location Map (as shown)
  • Your Contact Details (as shown)
  • About You Blurb
  • Contact Us Button
  • Your opening hours
  • Search Feature Box (used to balance the 3 sections)
Message Section 2:

You can put in another supporting message or repeat your catch cry, claim to fame, business name or simply what you do here

Footer Area: (appears with every page)

This is split into 4 sections, the first 3 being narrower than the 'footer 4' area

  • Location Map (as shown in footer 1)
  • Your Contact Details (as shown in footer 2)
  • Popular Pages - links (as shown in footer 3)
  • Latest News Blogging section (as shown in footer 4)

Other options

  • Social Media Icons (links to your various social platforms)
  • About You Blurb
  • Contact Us Button
  • Your opening hours
  • Search Feature Box (used to balance the sections)

That's it, simple and effective website that is also a Mobile Responsive theme designed to fit any browser. Perfectly adjusts to your mobile, tablet, & desktop screens while maintaining a great design.

It is a fully 'content managed system' (CMS) that you can add and edit pages as you see fit and also upgrade to a 'Smarter Website' Premium website and you only pay the difference.

Other Options:

The top results focussed upgrade is the 'Business Toolbox and Local Hero' MODULE. Speak to us and ALL will be revealed about why this will give you the biggest bank for your dollar.


P: 08 9439 2820
F: 08 9419 1186
11 Leasham Way, Medina, WA, 6167


About Us Hi, I'm {Your Name}. I'm the {Whatever Your Title Is} of {Your Company Name}. I love, live and work here in {Where You Live}. Our {Conversational Version Of Your Catch Cry Or USP}. You can read what some of our , and the most {recent client raves here}. (you can even see some of them)


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